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Baldwin, Ph.D.

Hammerschlag, Ph.D.

Fouladbakhsh, Ph.D.

Create a Quality Study Design
Our consultants have a strong background in research design. Recently they worked together to create the Touchstone Process and used it to analyze all Reiki studies that have appeared in peer-reviewed journals. By being involved with this process they’ve gained insight into the challenges and specific issues involved in designing a quality CAM study. One thing discovered is that many studies are poorly designed and because of this, produce data that isn't very useful. It's far better to put in time at the beginning of investigation planning to make sure your study is scientifically sound. Our consultation service is offered to those planning to conduct CAM research and includes project guidance and suggestions to help you include all components critical to rigorous study design. By making use of our service, your study will produce more useful data and be more likely to get published.

Study design areas covered

  • Grant Review
  • Protocol design and selection of methods for data analysis and statistics
  • Basic Science and Clinical trial experts, consultants
  • Human subjects protection
  • Protocol implementation with clinical/health care environments
  • Speakers

If you are in the process of designing a CAM study and would like our help, please contact us at

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